A Fun Family Card Game

"This new cards game is really cool from 5 to 99! Design is adorable. A must have for any families who likes having   fun!" Maud, NY

"My family enjoys Happy Family a lot! It teaches my 6-year old daughter social skills, such as to follow the game rules and to wait for her turn. My 3-year old boy loves to sort the cards and name the character on each card. The pictures are beautiful and you can tell that these cards were made to last. I strongly recommend this game." Celine, NY

Discover the modern version of the traditional and fun Happy Family Card Game (similar to go fish). Inspired by the very famous and popular card game in France "Jeu des 7 Familles".

Miss-Carole brought it back to you in a new French-American style for a lot of fun!

The object of this game is to collect as many complete families as possible. 


Live Demo!

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